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“Nine” represents insight, generosity, emotion, compassion, global awareness, diversity, and strength. Not only do we embrace this philosophy in our boutique, we strive for it.

– The B9 Philosophy | Vicky & Stephanie

Two Women – One Passion

The day that Vicky and Stephanie joined forces, everything changed. They share not only the ideals, but the emphathy, and passion which goes into choosing the articles of image, and works of art that women wear every day – the pieces that emanate their identities to the world.

Our clientele matter most of all. From how they feel, to their dreams and their futures. It’s never just about fashion – it’s about being who you are born to be – and never letting the world get in the way of that.

We invite you to embrace the B9 philosophy with us, and with it – live and love who you are.